The 5 Best Projector for Home Theater under 1000

Are you planning to buy a best projector under 1000 $ ? Are you looking for an affordable option under 1000 that can bring up quality pictures for you?

If your answer to these questions is YES, we are here going to make your search much easier with the five best budget HD projector for home theater. Whether you are going for a business 

conference or are willing to spend your evenings while chilling and watching out your favorite videos, the only thing that you need most at this moment is a powerful projector. It is not always presenting the videos only but is also about displaying the colors and 3D effects at its best also.

best optoma projector for home theater under $1000

There are certainly various factors that one need to consider about especially when selecting one of the best projectors for home theater on a budget. But do you think this is so easy to do? Surely for not, as there are so many numbers of options being available in the market that can easily confuse anyone. Rather than going with the flow, it should be quite evident for a customer to look at his/her priorities first.

After spending tons of hours while searching for the best products for you, we have tried to select the top five from our shortlisted ones. Before presenting the final products for you, we don’t only have to consider about their features only, but in fact, we have tried you to provide the one that goes best as per features and consumers’ and experts’ reviews as well.

Best Projector For Home Theater Under 1000 Comparison Table 2020

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1.Artlii 2020 HD Projector - best home projector under 1000

Best-Projector-For-Home-Theater-Under-1000If you are looking for one of the best projector for home theater under 200, HD Projector – Artlii 2020 Upgraded 4000 Lumen Movie Projector is really a great option to make in. fully featured with 4000 Lumen image brightness along with vivid, natural color reproduction.

this wonderful projector is being designed to offer amazing video resolution and that also on a larger screen. 1080p quality, sharp, crisp and completely clear images and amazing transformation would be just an unbelievable experience that you surely never had before.

The projector is one of the finest options to convert each of the video experience a memorable one. The projection screen is created by the device is quite impressive. The tool hardly takes about 200 inches of space to offer you unmatched movie, sports, and video games experience.

If you are having a large crowd to commence on, you are willing to chill out with your family while watching out your favorite movie, HD Projector – Artlii 2020 Upgraded is just the right option that will make your experience memorable one.

One of the best things about this projector is that it boasts built-in HiFi stereo that ultimately produces excellent sound and hence you really don’t need to spend money for some external speakers.

Moreover, the system is fully equipped with advanced noise reduction feature so that users could enjoy a clean and clear sound every time. Addition of various ports like HDMI, USB and VGA, Micro SD and AV port is one of another wonderful thing to be admired on here, you can comfortably connect this projector of yours to a wide range of devices both in your home and office as well. One just needs to be a little bit careful about the keystone adjustments as they are quite limited in number.


  • Excellent quality
  • HiFi surrounded system
  • Low noise fan technology
  • 4000 Lumen brightness
  • Highly compatible with various
  • Amazing video and sound quality


  • Limited keystone adjustments
  • A little bit expensive in the range

2.BenQ HT2050A 1080P-Thebest projector under $1000


If you are willing to have a perfect gaming projector that can deliver you amazing images and video resolution, BenQ HT2050A 1080P Home Theater Projector is the perfect option you could choose in.

it is one of the best budget HD projectors for home theater that can turn any of your room into a full-on home theater. It is an ideal choice as a home theater projector that offers you darker blacks and higher contrasts.

You can now easily enjoy excellent color accuracy, higher contrast, and three-dimensional picture quality, while offering amazing Eco response as well.

One of the best things about this wonderful projector is the presence of a six-panel color wheel that keeps on spinning all around it at 6x speed. This size panel color wheel offers users 2200 Lumens rating and maximum color brightness and accuracy without involving any rainbow artifacts. In short, you can now easily enjoy some realistic video streaming experience without any hassle.

The projector is really a great option to be viewed in darker rooms with moderate ambient lighting options. The 10-watt mono speaker is another wonderful feature that we really needed to admire about BenQ HT2050A 1080P Home Theater Projector.

You can now easily watch out your favorite movie along with amazing sound quality with Cinema, Game, Music and Sports modes. Moreover, the product is being designed to offer a 1.3x zoom at a quite affordable price range. Users can now easily enjoy about 100 inches of pictures while sitting about 8.2 feet away from the device. The best thing about this home theater projector is its compatibility. The device is being designed to support most of the media players, gaming consoles, Macs, PCs, and mobile devices as well.


  • 1.3x zoom in feature
  • High-quality color with six-wheel color option
  • Well design to support ISF color calibration
  • About 7,000 hours of SmartEco mode
  • 3,500 hours of lamp life
  • 10-watt mono speaker for high-quality audio
  • Wireless option


  • 13 D modes available
  • Lamp replacements are quite expensive
  • Shelf mounting can be a little bit expensive

3.Optoma HD27HDR 1080p-best 4k projector under 1000


It is another best cheap projector for gaming that is well designed to offer full HDR support. It is one of the best affordable projector for home theater that are being designed to offer you a lag-free gaming experience always. 

coming up with a lightning-fast 1080 p input response time of 16ms at 60Hz and 8.4ms at 120Hz, this wonderful device can be easily connected to the various gaming consoles and high-performance PCs to enjoy the best experience.

Users are now free to enjoy super bright light of about 3,400 Lumens. It means that you can now easily convert any of your darkrooms, into a perfect home theater in just a few seconds.

The projector is not only given best results in closed darkrooms only; in fact, you can also set the projector in your backyard as well, to enjoy watching of your favorite movie or favorite game while sitting with your family. Presence of 1080p 3D playback is another wonderful feature to be admired here. Users are free to enjoy the best video resolution at quite affordable prices.

Moreover, the device also supports 1080p HDR 4K HDR technology that in turn provides you wide color gamut. The lag input being involved here is quite shorter than the other products in the range and hence seems to be a great choice for the professional gamers who wanted to have fast access.

Average lamp life is about 15,000 hours which means that users can effectively enjoy it an average of about 4 hours daily for about 10 years. The device offers users great flexibility over connectivity. You can easily connect the projector with the majority of media players, HD ready gaming consoles, PCs, and mobile devices without any hesitation.

Moreover, the installation process is also quite simple and easy to go along with that anyone can do itself without requiring any professional help.


  • 1.1x zooming range
  • 2 HDMI ports for easy connectivity
  • HDR mode for effective gaming
  • Well supports ISF Night and Day modes
  • About 3,400 Lumens brightness
  • An average of 15,000 lamp life


  • Does not involve any horizontal and auto keystone
  • Does not include any frame interpolation
  • Does not include any noise reduction feature

4.Epson Home Cinema 1060 Full HD 1080p-best video projector under 1000


If you are being in search of the best home theater projector under 1000, Epson Home Cinema 1060 Full HD 1080p is the perfect choice to make in. coming up with a widespread Full HD 108- entertainment resolution, the Epson Home Cinema 1060 Full HD 1080p is being designed to offer an enough of solid value, starting face. Due to the presence of high-end results, the device is being ranked on the higher delivering results.

Users are free to enjoy about 300 inches of life-sized images and about 25x larger and 69-inch flat-panel without having any blank wall on screen.

The device is well designed to support HC of about 2080 while having whopping 3100 lumens in your hand. Along with providing 1060 HC, the projector also offers uniformity to the projector so that one can easily have the best experience that they surely never had before. One of the best and unique features of this wonderful projector is that it can perfectly read files from a USB key.

Moreover, the device is quite capable and efficient to connect with your phone or tablet just with the help of reliable and built-in WiFi connectivity.

The tool is also a great example of versatile connectivity, where one can easily connect the 2 HDMI ports to your cables or satellite box to enjoy lag-free streaming or gaming experience. The presence of innovative 3LCD technology is another wonderful feature to be admired here with no rainbow effect at all.


  • About 3100 Lumens brightness
  • Versatile connectivity
  • Built-in WiFi for easy connectivity
  • Zero rainbow artifacts
  • 1.2x zoom in
  • 4,500 hours lamp life
  • Ability to read file from USB memory


  • Does not include any 3D
  • No audio output for external sound system

5.RIF6 Cube Full LED Mini Projector 1080p-best led projector under 1000


RIF6 Cube Full LED Mini Projector is another best projector for home theater on a budget in the list, which is basically famous for its size as well.

It is one of the smallest projectors being available in the market that you can easily carry out in your pocket also. Yet being smaller in size, this wonderful projector is quite capable of providing big screens to the users.

In short, you can now easily carry the technology on your fingertips, while enjoying your favorite programs on a larger screen and that too without creating out any mess over there.

Being designed perfectly compatible to the mobile devices, laptops, tablets and gaming consoles, it is one of the best projectors in the market that comes up with a rechargeable battery to provide seamless access to the users. The device is absolutely compatible with HDMI devices and can be easily connected to them with the help of HDMI cable port as well.

For offering more to its users, built-in speakers and a headphone jack option is also there. Users can now easily enjoy vibrant LED light projection along with full 50 Lumens brightness that can offer you an incredible life span of about 20,000 hours.


  • Amazing quality
  • HDMI and MHL ports for easy connectivity
  • Lightweight, compact size and easy to use the option
  • Great portability
  • Stretchable display


  • Not a perfect option for office or business presentations
  • Not perfect for watching HD movies
  • Low maintenance speakers


With the decrease in the price of projectors from the past few years, they are certainly have become a big hit among the consumers now especially among those who are willing to enjoy biggest possible pictures at cheap prices. Choosing the best projector for home theater is not so easy for sure. There are certainly various things that we need to consider about starting from evaluating your potential to their features.

Technology has made modern projectors more efficient and affordable. New technologies have even introduced to make the features even better. Out of a huge list of various options, we have tried to provide you here top 5 best projectors for home theater and gaming. All the options being presented above stand great with the expectations of the consumers and also include great expert and customer reviews as well.

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